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Anna Buesser

Interpreter and translator with a passion and 
decades of experience

Anna Buesser

Interpreter / Translator


Being both a Canadian and Swiss citizen, Anna Buesser grew up in various countries such as Canada, the United States, Jamaica and Switzerland where she learned her three mother tongues: English, French and German. This multicultural context has allowed her to become familiar not only with the local languages and dialects, but also with the dominant cultures. With Italian being her fourth fluently spoken language, the foundations of her current work as an interpreter and translator were laid and wordscomeasy was founded in 2013. 

She acquired her extensive specialized knowledge through various studies in economics and industrial engineering as well as through her professional experience in various industries. In addition, she studied at the ZHAW Winterthur to obtain her CAS certificate which allows her to work with many authorities and courts in various cantons. For almost a decade, she has also worked as a conference interpreter. 

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«I can warmly and unreservedly recommend the collaboration with Anna Büsser. In addition to her highly professional and reliable way of working, I particularly appreciate two things: First, her positive attitude towards particularly demanding tasks. Not many, for example, master an hour-long simultaneous translation in the quickly spoken Uri dialect directly into English. The technical-agricultural context makes it even more difficult. Secondly, Anna Büsser has the valuable gift of translating not only words, but also emotions. This has a great effect on the listener, which is repeatedly praised in the feedback. That’s why Anna Büsser is always my «first choice».

Ralph Hubacher
Brandhub GmbH

«Anna’s bilingual abilities certainly set her above the rest. This is why we engaged Wordscomeasy for their support back in 2018. Anna was pivotal to the success of the project, providing real-time support traveling with us as our interpreter whilst we engaged with our clients across Switzerland».

Lee Miller
Lindstorm Company

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